4 Phenomenal Clips of TOP MUSCLE WRESTLERS Added in Today’s CW Update!

Ana tries hard to escape Yo’s death grip thighs… but Yo just squeezes harder!

STELLAR UPDATE to the CW Members Area today – with 4 clips of the BIGGEST FEMALE power wrestlers on our roster!   You’re gonna absolutely love the incredible muscle talent on display today folks!   First up, see Tatiana continue her muscle domination on the mats with 2 new clips added to the page of Tatiana the Tank vs Miss Kitten.   Unreal power with these two monsters!   And then, for ripped bodybuilders….. see 2 new clips on the page of Yo Fine vs Anastasia Lard – totally ripped muscle girls on the mats!


Kitten using some jiu-jitsu skills she learned from Gunz McLee as she guillotines Tatiana for a submission!

4 Awesome Clips Added featuring Massively Muscled Miss Kitten!

PURE POWER! Miss Kitten is both tall as fuck, and massively muscular! That spells trouble for her opponents on the blue mats!

Massively Muscled Miss Kitten with 4 NEW CLIPS added to the Members Area in Today’s Update!  –  That’s right folks…. it’s Miss Kitten Friday here at CrushWrestling!    2 of her hottest match pages have been updated with new clips.   First up, see the 2 powerful clips with RIPPED contest shape Scarlett Savage on the page of Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Savage.   Then, for a battle of TALL muscle Goddesses, see the next 2 clips added to the page of Miss Kitten vs Lana Lizard!   Super hot figure bitches battle!

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HOT Muscle Glutes CRUSHING – these girls are going at it in intense fashion! Who’s gonna win? Get this amazing new thriller today!

It’s Miss Kitten Day! 4 New Clips of the Long Legged Amazon Added!

The long legs of Miss Kitten stretching out Scarlett and putting immense pain on those knee ligaments! Get this hot video today!

Long-legged Muscular Amazon – 4 new clips of Miss Kitten added to the CW Members Area!   It’s a great day if you’re a fan of enormously tall and super muscular women!   The fabulous Miss Kitten is ready to DESTROY her opponents on the mats, and in the featured matches today, she has her work cut out for herself.    First up, see the first 2 clips added to the recently posted match page of Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Savage – SUPER SEXY action!!!    Then, for one of her previous matches, check out the next 2 clips added on the page of Miss Kitten vs Lana Lizard – a battle of TALL CHICKS!

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PURE POWER! Miss Kitten is both tall as fuck, and massively muscular! That spells trouble for her opponents on the blue mats!

Outrageously HOT Vids Added in Today’s CW Members Area Update!

Yo’s powercrushers trying to take Kitten’s head off! JOIN NOW for these hot new clips!

Muscle Girls CRUSHIN in Today’s Update!  Scissor power that is off the charts, and sexy mat action that must be seen to be believed!   Today’s update is a thriller and one that you’ll enjoy without question!   First up, there’s the first 2 videos added to the recently added match page of Miss Kitten vs Yo Fine.   Unreal HOT action.  And then, for 2 MORE clips of the super powerful and sexy Yo Fine, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of Yo Fine vs Lana Lizard.  These 2 go at it with intensity and devastating leg power!

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Yo is about to squeeze and cut off her blood supply!

Phenomenal NEW VIDEO Added at CrushWrestling – Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Now Available!

HOT Muscle Glutes CRUSHING – these girls are going at it in intense fashion! Who’s gonna win? Get this amazing new thriller today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Ripped Muscle Girl Scarlett vs AMAZON Miss Kitten at nearly 6′ tall!   An epic klash of the century!    This is a super hot matchup folks… and it’s almost a half hour of amazing action, including 2 KO’s by girls who are CRUSHING WITHOUT MERCY!!!     See the clip description below, and head over to the Miss Kitten vs Scarlett Savage Match Page and get this amazing new thrilla today!

Match Description:  An absolutely THRILLING matchup! Rock hard contest shape wellness competitor Scarlett matches up against the Sky High tall Amazon with legs for a mile…. Miss Kitten, in the ultimate battle of contrasting styles and strengths. To say this is yet another CW “visual thriller” would be the UNDERSTATEMENT of the century! Both girls are BEYOND sexy, with amazon Kitten having absolutely massive muscles, even on her tall 5’11” frame. Meanwhile, Scarlett looks vascular, paper thin skinned, with super powerful legs and glute muscles popping from every which angle… looking like a MONSTER. Her terrifying scissor power in rock hard shape is a sight to behold, folks. This LONG match, nearly a half hour long, is SURE to please. Oh and did we mention Kanock Outages? Yeah… there’s that too. These girls LOVE to squeeze and show no mercy!   Get this hot match up today!

Scarlett’s scissors are ALWAYS brutal, but they are even worse when she is contest shape lean like this!

How is Scarlett EVER gonna get out from under this AMAZON MONSTER Miss Kitten? Wow, a true size advantage!

New Match Featuring Yo Fine and Miss Kitten Will WOW CrushWrestling Fans!

Kitten showing Yo that she has powerful biceps too, with this painful choke! Can Yo withstand it? Get the HOT new video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Ultra-Muscle Battle featuring Yo Fine and Miss Kitten Now Available!   It’s a contrast in muscular physique types unlike anything before, and it’s yet another in a long line of visual masterpieces at CrushWrestling…. the HOTTEST and most gorgeous muscle wrestlers around!   On the new Miss Kitten vs Yo Fine Match Page, you’ll find the usual assortment of sample photos and preview clips in low and high resolution.  See the video description below and get this one ordered TODAY!

Match Description:  A muscle matchup for the ages! Glorious glutes and powerful arms and legs doing battle with a vengeance! And while Yo may be one of the most muscular female wrestlers you’ll ever see, even she may have bitten off more than she can chew with the massive AMAZON Miss Kitten. Both girls have terrifying scissor power, with Yo winning the pound for pound battle, but with Kitten dominating with superior leverage with those mega long legs. This is a clash in size and physique type, unlike anything you’ve seen before. Yo is compact but literlaly the most power-packed muscle machine you’ve ever seen… while Kitten towers over her with superior size, weight, leverage and reach advantages. Both girls have legs and buns of steel! And of course, that makes their scissor power extremely excruciating if you’re unfortunate enough to be caught in their powerful grips! The BEST female muscle wrestlers are always found at CrushWrestling!!!  Add this one to your collection today!

Kitten uses her long limbs advantage to nearly rip Yo’s knees apart! OUCH! See the power in this hot new video today!

Kitten gettin’ ready to pour on the pressure with a devastating headscissor with those long ass legs! Poor YO!

4 New Clips Added to the CW Member Area!

Can Kitten do anything to stop the onslaught of these massive Tatiana Muscles?

EXPLOSIVE POWER in New Clips in the CW Members Area!  We’ve got a tremendous update of 4 of our most muscular wrestlers doing some hot and sexy and muscle wrestling on the famous blue mats of CrushWrestling!    The quality of ladies is simply off the charts.  Gigantic, powerful muscle, and gorgeous women, hotter than you can imagine!  

First up, check out the 2 new clips added on the page of the AMAZON BATTLE of Tatiana Tank vs Miss Kitten – gigantic bodybuilder muscle vs long powerful legs of the tall Amazon, Kitten.  You’ve gotta see it, folks!

Next, 2 more of the most muscular girls on the CW roster, and a video that was requested for over 5 yrs…..  The awesome Ana Lard vs Yo Fine, in an epic battle of bodybuilder/physique level muscle – oh, and did we mention how gorgeous both ladies are?   WOW!

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Ana Lard gets the RNC applied to Yo’s defenseless throat. OUCH! Get this hot video today!

Power-Packed Muscles Dominate on the Mats – NEW UPDATE at CW!

Cammie’s super muscle ass and quads doing damage on Yo fine, demanding a tap out. Get this hot video today!

SEXY Muscle Domination Clips Added!   The massive meat-grinders of Combat Cammie and others hit the mat for some sexy F/F action in today’s update at CrushWrestling.  First up, we’ve got the conclusion and final 2 clips added to the match page of Combat Cammie vs Yo Fine.  An ultra-sexy muscle matchup that you’ll never forget! 

Next up, for the recently added match page, we’ve added the first 2 clips to the page of Miss Kitten vs Lana Lizard…. a battle of 2 of the longest legged mat warriors on the site.   You’ll love the action-packed scissor battle as these 2 girls exert tons of effort on the mat, trying to CRUSH and NOT GET crushed!

PURE POWER! Miss Kitten is both tall as fuck, and massively muscular! That spells trouble for her opponents on the blue mats!

New Video Starring HUGE Amazon Miss Kitten Now Available!

The huge AMAZON’s size is proving to be a lot for Lana to handle! Get the hot new video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Huge Amazon Miss Kitten is BACK to face Lana Lizard!    If you like your muscle girls TALL and powerful, look no further than the nearly 6′ Amazon Miss Kitten as she returns for her 2nd CW match, facing another tall figure competitor and dancer, the incredible scissor queen Lana Lizard.    See the description below of the full video, and head over to the newly created Miss Kitten vs Lana Lizard Match Page and pick up this exciting and SEXY new video today!

Description:  One of the most thrilling matchups you can imagine! The 2 muscular “figurines” facing off in a muscle battle with scissor power and high energy! Miss Kitten is one of the newer CW wrestlers and is immediately making an impact due to her amazon size and power. But the skilled scissor specialist, Lizard, is more than ready to test the theory of cats having 9 lives. She’s determined to not let her bigger foe intimidate her, and from the beginning, these 2 muscle girls are a joy to watch as they get after it on the famous blue mats of CrushWrestling. The grandiose glutes of Kitten will leave you jaw dropped, while the sexy dancer Lana, refuses to take a back seat to the newcomer.  Get this hot one today!

Lana gets the big girl, Kitten, in a TIGHT reverse headscissor!

PURE POWER! Miss Kitten is both tall as fuck, and massively muscular! That spells trouble for her opponents on the blue mats!

4 New Clips added to CW – BIG GIRLS on the Mats! Greta, Tatiana, Miss Kitten & More!

Back in that all-too-familiar position! Yo tries her best, but can’t take the full power of these mashers! Get this amazing muscle match today!

4 Clips of HUGE MUSCLE GIRLS Added in Today’s Update!   This is an EPIC update for the fans of the big girls!   3 of the 4 in this update are among our biggest girls ever in terms of height, weight, and muscle.   And the 4th, she may be short…. but she is MUSCULAR AS FUCK!   That would be the incredible Yo Fine.   The other 3 are amazons Miss Kitten, Tatiana Tank, and Greta Gayle.   All huge and massive!

See the final 2 clips of the amazing battle between short vs tall on the Greta Gayle vs Yo Fine match page.   Then, for the tall muscular amazons, check out the 3rd and 4th clips of the match between Tatiana Tank and Miss Kitten.   Awesome action on the famous blue CW mats!  

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The LONG python-like legs of Miss Kitten gets a brutal squeeze on massively muscled Tatiana Tank!