Jacked Jackie vs. Ciara Salsa – NEW CW Video now available!

Ciara’s vulnerable head gets CRUSHED under the power of Jackie’s fully engaged QUADS and GLUTES! Get this THRILLING new SEXY video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT! – Muscular, Sassy Girls Jacked Jacke & Ciara Salsa do battle on the famous blue CW mats!   And oh wow, is this one ever amazing, folks!   On the new Jacked Jackie vs. Ciara Salsa Match Page, you’ll find 2 members photo galleries, plus the usual assortment of free sample photos and video clip, to help you determine that this HOT SEXY battle is the right one to add to your shopping cart!    See the clip description below and add this one to your collection right away as part of our 2020 “Crush the Corona” Promo!

Description:  THICK Meaty Muscle Bitches! In one corner, you’ve got the feisty, sassy Mexican, Ciara Salsa! In the other corner, you’ve got the BIG muscular brutus, Jacked Jacklyn. This battle occurred last summer in the heat and humidity, and wow, does it turn into one messy SWEATY muscle battle! Rarely will you ever find such perfectly muscled super women exerting this much effort and strength. Both have speed, determination, and bulging muscles packed with power. Salsa has that sassy spunky side to her that means “no quit”. Jackie is a big brute who loves throwing her weight around. She’s definitely the bigger and more muscular of the two. But Salsa has those thick thighs and glutes plus a lot more CW experience. This one, for SURE, is yet another visual mASSterpiece! Add it to your collection today!

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Jackie has the advantage in the “Jacked” department! Will Sassy Ciara Salsa have enough grit to beat big Jackie?

Ciara puts that Mexican booty into her powerful crush and gets the tap from Jackie! Get this HOT new video today as part of our “Crush Corona” Promotion!