BIG 5 video update – SUPER HOT CLIPS ADDED!

2 amazing and sexy muscle girls doing battle. Click here to join today and see this, and thousands of other videos!

HUGE UPDATE – 5 Clips added to the members area – starring Ciara Salsa, Britney Squeeze, Lacey Longlegs, Dinah Might, Pink Poison, & Serena Scorn!   These are 6 of your favorite crush wrestlers all at once in today’s update.  First, 1 clip added on the page of Lacey vs. Dinah.  Then, the first 2 videos of the epic match of newcomer Ciara Salsa vs. Britney Squeeze, the veteran crusher with some of the strongest legs on the site!   Finally, 2 clips of the veteran matchup of Pink Poison vs. Serena Scorn 2.  Enjoy this incredible and hot update!  Much more on the way in a few days.  CW is ready to dominate in 2018!