4 Powerful Quad-Crushin’ Clips Added to CW

Powerful quads and muscle glutes of Scarlett vs Holly – a thrilling match! Click here to get it or to see the latest members clips added!

The Ultimate MEAT-GRINDER Mash Up!   Scarlett Savage, a long-time Quad-Goddess here at CrushWrestling, may have finally found her ultimate match when she squared off against the huge Holly Hawkeye – who perhaps has even better quads and glutes if you can believe that!   But Scarlett for sure has the experience advantage.   Check out the next 2 thrilling clips added on the page of Scarlett Savage vs Holly Hawkeye today!   

Then, if you wanna see a sexy Blonde going at it against Scarlett and her mighty quads…. check out the next 2 clips added on the page of Scarlett Savage vs Boom Boom Sanchez.   Gorgeous female muscle doing battle on the mats – what more can you want?   

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Scarlett tries to pry apart BoomBoom’s crushers, but Boom Boom is out to prove her glutes and quads are just as strong as Scarletts!