HOT NEW VIDEO – 3 Way Tag Match Now Available

Cammie takes a dominant position over Yo. Get this amazing thriller today!!!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  3-Way Tag Match featuring MUSCLE HOTTIES like you can’t imagine!   Yes gang, we’ve got an unbelievable matchup of pure hot and sexiness to reveal today.   You get 3 HOT MUSCLE bods for one low price!    In a thrilling tag match, where the loser taps out, and the winner stays in, with the winner who stays in the longest “winning” the match after 10 minutes of action,  we’ve got some sensational hot scissor and muscle action featuring the bountiful buns of Scarlett Savage, the massive quads of Combat Cammie, and the extreme muscle body of Yo Fine!   So, see the clip description below, and head over to the 3-Way Tag Match – Cammie-Yo-Scarlett Match Page, and get this thriller today!

Description:  It’s time again for a 3-Way! Our recent 3-Way tag matches have been amongst our most popular videos because you’re getting 3 amazingly hot muscular bodies for one low price! This latest one featuring 3 of the hottest bodies on the roster, in fact! First up, is Canadian newcomer, Combat Cammie, a veteran with shockingly powerful legs. 2nd up, is the ultra-muscular bodybuilder, Yo Fine! All of her ripped and chiseled muscle just great for DESTROYING her opponents. And finally, the glute goddess herself, the stunning Scarlett Savage – her big meaty quads and bountiful buns great for punishing reverse headscissors and more! This visual thriller will be extra exciting to see who has the powerful to outlast and overcome in this 3-way match. Whoever stays “in” the longest over the 10 minutes, is the winner! All 3 girls have a devastating squeeze and are ready to prove that they are the best. It’s best to watch and not get into the middle of this one. These girls are dangerously powerful – get this one today!

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Yo using her huge muscles to control Scarlett at will. Get this hot thriller today for only $11.99!!!