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Ana Lard gets pinned by Scarlett and her muscular ass! Join now for the latest videos of this epic match!

6 New Clips Added in Members Area Update here at CrushWrestling today!    We’ve got some of your favorite and most powerful rasslers doing some damage on the mats.   First up, the first 2 clips of the recently added match, Quad Monster vs Patience Pitbull 1, have been added.   Amazing action in these first 6 minutes of video!    Next up, we’ve got 2 clips added on the page of the rubber match between Ana and Scarlett….. see the 2 clips on the Anastasia Lard vs Scarlett Savage 3 match page.   And finally, for some more massive quad scissor action from Scarlett, see 2 more clips on the page of Scarlett Savage vs Lana Lizard, the long legged dancer.

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Quad Monster and her DEVASTATING reverse headscissors are way too much for any human skull to bear!

Lana Lizard Gets Highlighted in Today’s CW Update!

Lard using her immense weight and density to overwhelm Lizard! Get this hot video today!

Members Area Update!   4 New Clips Added, all featuring Lana Lizard, along with Yo Fine and Miss Lard.  

In today’s members area update, you’ll find 4 new clips with some hot Crushin’ action!    First up, see the first 2 clips on the recently added match page of the powerful Yo Fine vs Lana Lizard!   This is a big contrast in body styles, which makes it quite visually appealing.   The dancer and figure competitor with long strong legs, vs the compact ultra-strong massively muscled bodybuilder. 

Next up, we’ve got 2 new clips on the page of Lana Lizard vs Anastasia Lard.  Again, a similar difference in bodystyles….. the long-legged dancer vs the thick and meaty bodybuilder.  Enjoy these new vids and stay tuned for more later this week!

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Yo Fine putting a tight crushing squeeze on Lana Lizard. New Clips added on this page in today’s update – JOIN NOW!

4 New Clips Added to the CrushWrestling Members Area – Cammie, Yo, Scarlett & More!

Yo using her huge muscles to control Scarlett at will. Get this hot thriller today for only $11.99!!!

Member Area Update with CRUSH POWER extreme!   We’ve got some great vids for you today in the CW members area.   First up, we’ve added the first 2 clips on the page of the very recently added new video,  Anastasia Lard vs Scarlett 3.   That’s right…. the rubber match of their series concludes with some incredible muscle action!   Lard has put on a lot of muscle in recent years, and her new strength matches up well against the far more experienced Scarlett Savage.   These are just the first 2 clips of what is some sensational action!

Next up, we’ve added 2 more clips to the page of the 3-Way Tag Match – Cammie, Yo, & Scarlett!   This is one of the hottest bodied groups on the site, and the crush action has to be seen to be believed!

Can Scarlett survive against Anastasia’s New muscles? Get this hot video today!

Check Out the AMAZING New Video – Anastasia vs Scarlett 3 Now Available!

Look at that RIDICULOUS tight grip that Scarlett’s powerful quads and glutes have on ‘Stasia! WOW – thats gotta HURT!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!   HUGE MUSCLES – Anastasia vs Scarlett Savage 3 is NOW Available.   That’s right…. the 3rd and final matchup between these 2 mega-muscled models of incredible scissor power, now available on the matches page.   Check it out, folks…. the rubber match of this series does NOT disappoint!   Both girls have put on tons of muscle since their last encounter (which was late 2018), and now, over 4 years later… they mean business as their crush power has increased exponentially!    See the clip description below, and head to the Anastasia Lard vs Scarlett Savage 3 Match Page today to get this incredible new video!

Description:  If you like BIG MUSCLES, especially powerful quads and glutes, THIS incredible rubber match in the Lard vs Savage series is FINALLY here! After splitting their first 2 matches, both girls come back to mats MUCH bigger than before, carrying years worth of more muscle on their frames, making their scissor power indescribable! Scarlett now has Lard beat on the experience front… BUT, Lard has managed to put on much more muscle and is coming in leaner and more ripped than ever before. She even starts out the match by saying “all I have to do is SIT on you!” Scarlett doesn’t find that humorous and decides to put her immense quad power to use, crush Anastasia flat every which way possible! Adding insult to injury, her “trash talk” game is at an all time high, claiming that she slept with Anastasia’s boyfriend the night before this match. Will Lard’s jealously make her rage with intense power, or will Scarlett continue to humiliate her by dominating her on the mat with incredible painful scissor power?  Get this amazing match today and see how manages to win!

From the look on Anastasia’s face, she’s putting every ounce of power into that squeeze to CRUSH Scarlett’s skull!

Scarlett’s glutes may be nice to look at – but they deliver PAIN on the blue mats!

4 Hot New Clips Added to the CW Members Area!

Gunz’ head is crushed flat by Dee’s ultra-muscular glutes and legs! Youv’e never seen crushing muscle like this before! Get this hot video now!

SUPER HOT Members Area Update!   Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee & the first 2 clips of the brand new match of Ana vs Lana added today!   That’s right folks…. for some MASSIVE MUSCLE, you’ll want to head over to the page of Wonder Dee vs Gunz McLee (an ULTIMATE Biceps vs RIPPED LEGS Battle) and see the final 2 clips added from this all-time legendary CW match!  It is perhaps the best Biceps vs Legs battle in history!  

Then, for the first 2 clips of the recently added match between the Bodybuilder and Dancer/Figure competitor, Anastasia Lard and Lana Lizard, head over to their match page and see the hot action getting under way.   It’s an exciting time to be a member at Crushwrestling!

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Ana Lard’s glutes and crushing quads, squish Lana flat! Get this hot video today!

NEW Video – The Return of Anastasia Lard in HOT New Match at CrushWrestling!

Lana ends up with cracked ribs due to Anastasia’s powerful squeeze! Get this hot video today!

Massively Muscled ANA LARD Returns!   NEW VIDEO Now Available here at CrushWrestling!   We’ve got a great one for you today, folks.   Having just competed in a bodybuilding show, Anastasia Lard is RIPPED and hugely muscled, and ready to take on any takers at CrushWrestling!   Well, the first one up to the slaughter is the gorgeous leggy fitness model, Lana Lizard!   See the video description below and take advantage of this exciting new news by picking up this amazing new video – Anastasia Lard vs Lana Lizard – today!

Description:  The long-awaited RETURN of ANASTASIA LARD! The BIG Bodybuilder is back and ready to wreck some bitches! With more muscle and far more ripped than ever before, having just competed in a bodybuilding show the weekend before this match, Anastasia is ready to use her enormous biceps and powerful legs to DESTROY her opponents! First up on her agenda, is the sassy newcomer, Lana Lizard! While giving up considerable weight and muscle mass to Lard, Lana Lizard has some highly capable crushers as it stands. And with her tremendously long leggy legs, she will no doubt pose a threat to the rusty Lard, who hasn’t wrestled since 2018. However, the 4 year wait has been worth it, CW fans! When you see a muscular powerhouse with this much destroying crush power hit the mats, it is a thrill like no other! Check out the sample photos and sample video clip and you’ll see what we mean! For female muscle combat, this is a MUST get, plain and simple!

Lard using her immense weight and density to overwhelm Lizard! Get this hot new video today!

A rusty Ana Lard (due to a 4 yr layoff) discovers in the early going that Lana Lizard’s Legs are not to be messed with!

Sweet Update of RAW POWER! New Clips of Anastasia Lard & More!

SUPER SEXY Glutes doing battle! Get Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2 today!

Members Area update with 4 New MUSCLE GIRL Wrestling Clips!   Today’s update will be sure to please, folks!   Some of your hottest CW Wrestlers are back with updates today.  First up, for hugely muscled and perfect glutes…. get 2 new clips on the page of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2.    Then, some super sexy action as 2 “late in the match” clips are added on the page of Ciara Salsa vs. Soul Jacker.   This is a great update, and we’ve got another brand new video on the way later this week, so stay tuned!

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Crazy Hot New Vids Added to the CW Members Area!

Her most painful submission! Due to her super powerful legs and glutes, you don’t wanna get caught in this reverse headscissor by Yo Fine!

4 SUPER HOT Clips added to the Members area of CrushWrestling!   That’s right folks, check it out – we’ve added 4 amazing new clips.  First up, see 2 new ones on the page of the phenomenal matchup of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage.  Wow, the bodies on those two!   Then, we added 2 more on the page of ultra-ripped Yo Fine vs. the massive legs of Britney Squeeze!  Head over to the Yo Fine vs Britney Squeeze page to check those out!  

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Scarlett and her tight muscular ass gets bodybuilder Anastasia in a tight reverse headscissor. Thrilling and sexy action – get this thriller today by clicking here!

UNREAL New Muscle Battle Added – feat. Massive Anastasia Lard!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Massive FBB Anastasia Lard is back and takes on super sexy muscular veteran, Scarlett Savage in a sexy rematch of their intial video that took place about 5 months ago. See the clip description below, and then head to the Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2 Match Page and get this amazing super hot muscle video today!

The BIG Re-Match you’ve been waiting for! It’s been about 5 months since CrushWrestling shocked the world with the announcement of NEW WRESTLER Anastasia Lard! And she made quite the impact in her debut against Miss Scarlett Savage. The massive bodybuilder flexed her massive muscles and used her weight advantage to give the experienced veteran, Savage, all she could handle. However… now it’s 5 months later… and BOTH girls got more muscular and evolved their wrestling style. Let’s just say this… one of the 2 was hell-bent on getting revenge and making sure the other girl paid a price! You’re going to love this epic enormous muscle battle. The legs and glutes here are 2nd to NONE! CrushWrestling obviously specializes in the ultimate visual masterpieces – the hottest muscle girls in the world in hot and powerful scissor action! So, put this in your shopping cart today and enjoy 2 of the finest muscle bods on the planet!

Anastasia has Scarlett pinned with her massive weight. Will it be enough to keep her down??? Get Anastasia vs. Scarlett Savage 2 today!

AMAZING New Wrestler and Bodybuilder Added in New CW Video!

Weighing nearly 185 lbs, there’s not much Scarlett can do to move the huge bodybuilding Anastasia! Get this new video today – click here!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO – Anastasia Lard, Bodybuilder, is here to CA-RUSH!   In the brand new video, Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage, you’re going to see 2 of the most muscular and sexiest wrestlers on our roster in an intense battle of female muscle power!   Thighs powerful enough to crush anyone in their paths, these 2 beasts of feminine muscle clash in one of the hottest battles ever on the blue CW mats.  Bodybuilder Anastasia Lard is perhaps our most heavily muscled wrestler since Marissa McThigh in 2013.  And, Scarlett Savage’s quads have grown to 25″, and her already world class booty has evolved into a powerful crush-capable muscle butt.  She’s never been stronger or sexier.  See the match description below, and then take advantage of our November Promo!  (the Promo 1 has already ended – but Promo 2 will last til the end of the month!)

Description:  HUGE, MASSIVELY MUSCLED NEW WRESTLER Anastasia Lard arrives with a thunderous impact here at CrushWrestling! Here in her first video, she takes on the feisty CW veteran, who is also growing like a weed (OMG – her quads are getting crazy huge!!!), Scarlett Savage! This is a thrilling matchup for fans of enormously muscled females. Bodybuilder vs. Physique Girl…the power is crazy and the scissors are agonizing. Visually speaking, this has to be one of the hottest matchups ever on the CrushWrestling site (and wow, is that saying something!). Both of these girls go at it hard and work up a sweat. Does the bigger bodybuilder eventually win out by wearing down the smaller girl, brutally crushing her with insane quad power? OR, does the experience from fighting girls like Mile High Masher and Britney Squeeze help the veteran Savage? No matter what happens, the customer wins this match – get this one RIGHT THIS INSTANT, folks!

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Scarlett and her tight muscular ass gets bodybuilder Anastasia in a tight reverse headscissor. Thrilling and sexy action – get this thriller today by clicking here!