Crazy Hot New Vids Added to the CW Members Area!

Her most painful submission! Due to her super powerful legs and glutes, you don’t wanna get caught in this reverse headscissor by Yo Fine!

4 SUPER HOT Clips added to the Members area of CrushWrestling!   That’s right folks, check it out – we’ve added 4 amazing new clips.  First up, see 2 new ones on the page of the phenomenal matchup of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage.  Wow, the bodies on those two!   Then, we added 2 more on the page of ultra-ripped Yo Fine vs. the massive legs of Britney Squeeze!  Head over to the Yo Fine vs Britney Squeeze page to check those out!  

Thank you for joining CrushWrestling!  And get ready for another sizzlin’ hot NEW RELEASE coming early next week!  

Scarlett and her tight muscular ass gets bodybuilder Anastasia in a tight reverse headscissor. Thrilling and sexy action – get this thriller today by clicking here!