Anastasia Lard vs Scarlett Savage 3

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Wrestlers: Anastasia Lard
Scarlett Savage
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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If you like BIG MUSCLES, especially powerful quads and glutes, THIS incredible rubber match in the Lard vs Savage series is FINALLY here! After splitting their first 2 matches, both girls come back to mats MUCH bigger than before, carrying years worth of more muscle on their frames, making their scissor power indescribable! Scarlett now has Lard beat on the experience front... BUT, Lard has managed to put on much more muscle and is coming in leaner and more ripped than ever before. She even starts out the match by saying "all I have to do is SIT on you!" Scarlett doesn't find that humorous and decides to put her immense quad power to use, crush Anastasia flat every which way possible! Adding insult to injury, her "trash talk" game is at an all time high, claiming that she slept with Anastasia's boyfriend the night before this match. Will Lard's jealously make her rage with intense power, or will Scarlett continue to humiliate her by dominating her on the mat with incredible painful scissor power? Get this amazing match today and see how manages to win!

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  • Date Added: 5/16/2023

    Scarlett is impressed with Ana's unreal strength

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 5/16/2023

    Scarlett's squishers inflict damage on Lard's belly (1:51)

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 9/06/2023

    Anastasia gives Scarlett a "butt cheek dance" as she engages her rev headscissors! (2:19)

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 9/06/2023

    Ana Lard shows off her incredible muscles in between falls

    High Def WMV