Vids of Sugar, Lacey, Jordan, & Penelope added!

Penelope putting a vicious NECK CRUSH on Fit and athletic Jordan Flex – will she have to tap out? Get this amazing new video today!

4 HOT VIDEOS ADDED in today’s CW Update.  For fans of hot female muscle wrestling, it doesn’t get much better than this.   First, we’ve got 2 more videos added on the page of the super sexy matchup of Sugar Buns vs. Lacey Longlegs.  Then, for size mismatch and totally different body types, check out the incredible Jordan Flex vs. Penelope Pineapple – beauty vs. POWER!  Be sure to JOIN our members area now, and stay tune for a HOT NEW VIDEO coming very soon starring the 2017 fan favorite, and our all-time strongest crusher… Mile High Masher!