Amazing NEW VIDEO ADDED Featuring Sugar Buns & Scarlett Savage!

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NEW VIDEO ALERT & June Promo – Battle of the Muscle Butts!  Sugar Buns in RIPPED contest shape vs. Scarlett Savage in an epic rematch of their first “Battle of Booties” from about 5 months ago.  This one is even hotter!   Just read the match description below… and head to the Sugar Buns vs. Scarlett Savage 2 Match Page, to get this amazing new video!   Plus, keep reading below for info on our JUNE PROMOTION!

Call it the “Battle of the Booties – 2” – this is an epic clash of the finest muscle butts in the business! Since fans went absolutely bonkers over their first matchup, we figured it made since to bring these 2 back for another powerful battle… only this time it’s Sugar Buns who is in near contest shape – just weeks out from her bodybuilding show. And believe us, she wastes no time in reminding Scarlett about it. How SUPERIOR she (Sugar) looks compared to her. Taunting her at every opportunity… and you know when the “softy” and “fat girl” insults get thrown around, you know it raises the intensity to the next level. Regardless of who wins this sexy muscle battle, one thing is certain… you fans are in for a huge treat. Never before has there been a finer display of female ass on the legendary blue CW mats. And it’s not just for show… these girls use their super strong legs and muscle butts to wreak havoc… tons of pain when squeezing at full power. This is an ultra-sexy battle, and is absolutely visually stunning. Get this amazing video now – you definitely won’t regret it!

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