4 New Clips added – Brutal POWER on Display!

The INCREDIBLE Booty Queen (one of the very few to earn a 10 on our crush rating) – click here for her amazing videos!

KILLER CALVES!  4 New clips added featuring Calf Queens Britney Squeeze and Sara Steamroller, along with a huge epic power struggle between Pink Poison and Booty Queen!   

Yep, that’s right…. for the ultimate in leg muscles, check out the final 2 clips added on the page of Britney Squeeze vs. Sara Steamroller!  Those calves are doing some major damage!   Then, for the ultimate sexy big girl battle….  the struggle that Pink Poison puts up against massive BQ is awesome!   Check out Booty Queen vs. Pink Poison now!   

Thanks for joining CrushWrestling!   Now that we are back from the Olympia, much more coming this week!

Holy SHIT – Sara Steamrollers strong ass cheeks crush and squeeze Britney flat! Get this hot one today!