4 Members Section Clips Added – Phenomenal Scissor Power!

Britney’s huge power-mashers flattening newcomer Lana! Get the hot new video today!

CRAZY Scissor Power!     Some of the most powerful crushers in CW history go at it in today’s clips.    Britney Squeeze, one of the most lethal crushers in history, has 2 more clips added to her page where she faces off against Lana Lizard.  See them now on the Britney Squeeze vs Lana Lizard match page.

Next month, the ultimate leg battle, where you have the pure mass and size of Scarlett Savage, against the super lean contest shape legs and big muscle ass of Combat Cammie.   Since it’s in their re-match, see these clips on the page called Combat Cammie vs Scarlett Savage 2 Match Page.  

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These girls are CRUSHIN’ the F outta each other with those MASSIVE LEGS! Get the hot new video today!