NEW Video Now Available for Download – 3 Way Tag Match is Back!

Elle trying to literally flatten Yo like a pancake!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  $11.99 SPECIAL – 3-Way Tag Match starring Yo Fine, Elle Gi, and Scarlett Savage!   This one is exciting, thrilling, sexy, and more, all wrapped up in one special package, where you get 3 wrestlers facing off in an epic (loser goes out) tag match!   See the description below for this phenomenal video, and head over to the new 3-Way Tag Match Page to enjoy this summertime masterpiece!

Description:  We’ve gotten some of our best feedback on our 3-way tag videos! This one should be no different… our formula provides optimal non-stop action and truly determines who is the best out of the 3 wrestlers in a 3-way tag match. In this “loser tags out” format, over the course of 10 minutes, the girl who dominates the mat time becomes the clear victor. This particular matchup is quite intriguing… 3 very different body types and different levels of muscularity and experience! At less than half the length of our usual videos, and at less than half the price… this video is a GREAT value for getting the optimal bang for your buck! 3 of the hottest muscle girls on the site, in non-stop sexy and competitive muscle power action, this video is a NO BRAINER for anyone who loves muscular women wrestling! Awesome scissor power, gorgeous ladies, and intriguing action! Get it today!

Scarlett with a perfectly executed choke on big Elle. Click here to get this new video today!

New Vids of Outstanding Female Crush Power!

PURE AGONY! Ultra-powered Wonder Dee crushes the FUCK outta John Von Dick!

Ultimate CRUSH POWER!  4 New Clips added featuring 3 of the sexiest girls on our roster.   First up, for fans of brutal mixed wrestling domination, you’re gonna LOVE the 2 latest clips added on the page of Wonder Dee vs John Von Dick 2.    Absolutely terrifying reverse headscissors!    Then, for fans of gorgeous booties….  check out the sexy girls doing battle on the page of Jacked Jackie vs Ciara Salsa!  Another 2 clips of outstanding leg power doing damage!  

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JVD nearly gets crushed unconscious TWICE just from her huge meaty calves! Amazing muscle power!

Ciara’s vulnerable head gets CRUSHED under the power of Jackie’s fully engaged QUADS and GLUTES! Get this THRILLING & SEXY video today!

4 New Clips Added to the CrushWrestling Members Area! More Updates This Week!

Greta cranks Ava’s neck and crushes her airways, in a perfectly executed ASS WEDGE! Get this hot new matchup today!

We’re back with 4 New Membres Area Clips featuring Greta Gayle, the ultra-ripped massively muscular Russian!    In today’s update, we’ve got 2 clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse, and 2 clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Gunz McLee!  

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4 SEXY Clips added to the CW members area!

Scarlett’s rock hard legs and ass are causing Yo tremendous pain! WILL SHE TAP OUT? Click here to join now!

MEMBERS Area Update – 4 LONG Sexy Clips added featuring some crazy hot scissor action!   Hey gang, in today’s update, you’re gonna be wowed by the extremely sexy action in 4 LONG clips!  This is definitely why you want to be a member here at CW and enjoy these members area clips!  

First up, check out the final 2 clips added on the page of Elle Gi vs. Scarlett Savage – incredible action as that match comes to a conclusion – SUPER HOT!   Then, head over to the page of Yo Fine vs Scarlett Savage 2 for more intense scissor action.  One of the clips is over 3 min long – super hot action!   These 2 are going at it like no other!

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Elle’s legs engulf Scarlett’s head, causing massive pain! Click here to go to the Elle vs. Scarlett match page!

Amazing New Video Added Featuring 2 Top Crush SuperStars!

Yo Fine flexes as she’s proud of herself for crushing Scarlett flat here! Get this hot new video now!

NEW VIDEO ALERT! AND… Promo Continues for 3 more days!   Hey gang, it’s a great weekend here at CrushWrestling!   We’ve got an absolutely incredible NEW VIDEO now available for download starring two of your favorite CW wrestlers in recent years!   In a stunning HOT rematch, Yo Fine and Scarlett Savage have a score to settle… and the famous blue mats of CW is the perfect place to do so.   See the description below, and head over to the new Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage 2 Match Page to see the preview pics and clips, and to PURCHASE this amazing thriller!  And remember our FALL PROMO – see details below!

Description:  Rock Hard Muscle Girls in a spirited and painful Re-Match! We got such tremendous feedback from Yo vs. Scarlett 1, that we had to get these 2 back on the mats again for a re-match. And holy smokes, folks, this one delivers! It’s been a year since their first battle, and Yo is shocked at the amount of muscle that Scarlett has put on! Now, Scarlett significantly outweighs Yo on the mats, and that weight advantage may ultimately be the difference in this brutal battle of strength. One thing is certain… there’s nothing sexier than seeing Yo’s ripped, vascular muscles straining against her larger foe! Yep, Yo, the definition of RIPPED, shows that her big muscles aren’t just for show, as she once again delivers painful chokes and squeezes with her sexy biceps and quads. But Scarlett, the veteran crusher, has taken on women much larger than Yo and gave them all they could handle (Mile High Masher, Anastasia Lard, for instance!). So… you know you’re in for a treat here, folks. Get this amazing battle of sexy muscle TODAY!

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Yo struggles to breathe as Scarlett’s powerful legs crush down on her! Get this amazing hot video today from CrushWrestling!

Scarlett’s rock hard legs and ass are causing Yo tremendous pain! WILL SHE TAP OUT? Get this hot video now!

Whassup y’all! Killer Update today at CW!

Head over to the Yo vs. Elle match page and get this HOT video today! AMAZING female power!

MASSIVE UPDATE – 6 New Clips added JOIN NOW!  The CW members area has been updated with 6 phenomenal clips.   Check it out!  We’ve added 2 clips each (6 total) for the following match pages – the super sexy Mile High Masher vs. Sara Steamroller match, then 2 more to the page of Elle Gi vs. Yo Fine (ultra-RIPPED!), and finally the first 2 to the recently added match page of Elle Gi vs. Scarlett Savage.  

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