4 Phenomenal New Clips Added to CrushWrestling!

Jackie takes control against Ciara in the final 2 clips added to this model page. JOIN NOW to access all the clips from this amazing video!

4 New Clips Added to the Members Area in Today’s Update!  Thick Powerful Muscle Bitches doing battle!   That’s right, folks….. in today’s update, we’ve got 4 of the meatiest, most powerful CW wrestlers in the past 5 years in today’s videos.   First up, the final 2 clips have been added to the match page of Jacked Jackie vs Ciara Salsa!   Absolutely incredible – sexy bodies rolling around in tremendous muscular battle!   Then, over on the page for “Quaddesses”, we’ve got 2 new clips for Greta Gayle vs Holly Hawkeye – the ultimate in glutes and legs battle!

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Short and compact, tank-like Holly, crushing the ribs of the leggy Russian, Greta! See this sizzlin’ hot thonged-up matchup today!

Tremendous CrushWrestling Update with 4 New Clips Added!

Textbook CRUSHING by Scarlett – those legs are dangerous! Click here for more!

Today we’ve added 4 killer “finishing” clips to the members area!    That’s right, the final 2 clips were added on the match pages for the following matches.   First up, big props to Pink Poison, for taking on one of the strongest girls the site has ever featured…. Booty Queen.   Head over to the Booty Queen vs. Pink Poison page for the final 2 clips of the visually thrilling masterpiece of female power!    Then, for Blonde vs Brunette action…..  see the final 2 clips on the page of Lacie Iron vs. Scarlett Savage!    Check it out!

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Pink was immobilized many times under the CRUSHING WEIGHT of the much larger Booty Queen! Get this HOT new video today!

Super Action Thriller – NEW CW Video Now Available!

The feisty US Marine, GI Jane Dough, thinks she’s got Lacie’s number! Get this video now and see if she hangs on for the victory!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!  – SEXY Action Thriller starring Lacie Iron & GI Jane Dough!   This one is for the fans of awesome competitive action!   You’ll never see muscular bodies thrown around quite like this!   See the match description below, and head over to the new GI Jane Dough vs. Lacie Iron Match Page and get this thriller today!

Match Description:  TONS OF ACTION! This one is a thriller from the start, folks! Of course, as is the case with ALL CW videos, we feature only the hottest and most muscular wrestlers…and there’s plenty of hot sexy action in this featuring those gorgeous rock hard bodies… but this one is also intense at an all new level. These girls seriously go at it (just watch the preview clip, you’ll see!) and they leave it all on the mats. Hot, sweaty muscles straining in physical action like never before. The US Marine, GI Jane Dough, is as tough as we’ve ever seen on the mats. She isn’t about to take any shit from muscular blondie, Lacie. With all that muscle, it’s understandable how Lacie has a bit of an ego. That doesn’t sit well with the Marine. If you like some serious muscle going at it intensely – get this video today!

Lacie definitely has the bigger muscles… but is it enough to offset the fighting skills of the US Marine? Get this sexy thriller with tons of action today!