4 POWER Packed Clips Added in Today’s Members Update!

Scarlett’s powerful glutes crush the poor newcomer’s (Violet Voodoo) neck & throat!

Members Update – POWER PACKED Clips Added!   Today we’ve added some super sexy and hot clips in today’s members area update!   First up, for fans of MIXED Wrestling… you simply won’t believe the power of Wonder Dee as she NEARLY kills JVD with her huge MUSCLE ASS and LEGS!   On the Wonder Dee vs John Von Dick 2 page, there are 2 new clips that will blow your mind!   Then, for fans of sexy F/F wrestling….  as the match winds down between Scarlett Savage vs Violet Voodoo, you’ll see one girl beginning to definitively get the upper hand!  Powerful action awaits!  

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CW updated with 4 New Clips of Big Britney Squeeze!

Scarlett bringing the HEAT while Brit tries to apply her powerful quads for a brutal scissor!

MEMBERS update with 4 New Clips of Sexy Britney Squeeze in ultra competitive matches against some premier female muscle talent!   First up, check out the next two clips on the page of the “battle of quads”…..  Britney Squeeze vs Scarlett Savage!    Then, for competitive action with a girl who is literally built like a tank…. check out the next 2 clips on the page of Britney Squeeze vs Holly Hawkeye!  

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Holly’s immense, densely muscled glutes and quads, give Britney a taste of her own medicine! Get this hot thriller today, or click here to join the members area!

Rock On! We’ve got 4 Super Hot Vids NEW in the Members Area!

HOT action! Can Ava escape Greta’s powerful crushers? JOIN NOW for the latest clips added on the page of Greta vs Ava!

4 Super Hot Vids NEW in the Members Area!   Fans of MUSCLE will be happy today!  4 of our most powerful and muscular wrestlers with new clips updated in today’s update.   First up, there are 2 new clips on the page of the ultimate size mismatch of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse!   Then, for another “Biceps vs Booty” battle, check out the next 2 clips added on the page of Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 2.   Thrilling and sexy action!  

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Does Scarlett have enough to take down Big Gunz McLee and get some revenge? Get this hot thriller today!

4 New Clips Added to the CrushWrestling Members Area! More Updates This Week!

Greta cranks Ava’s neck and crushes her airways, in a perfectly executed ASS WEDGE! Get this hot new matchup today!

We’re back with 4 New Membres Area Clips featuring Greta Gayle, the ultra-ripped massively muscular Russian!    In today’s update, we’ve got 2 clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Ava Slaughterhouse, and 2 clips on the page of Greta Gayle vs Gunz McLee!  

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BIG Rematch Now Available – Gunz vs Scarlett 2

Does Scarlett have enough to take down Big Gunz McLee and get some revenge? Get this hot thriller today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Sexy Muscle Re-Match between Gunz McLee & Scarlett Savage!   Check it out, folks…. a long awaited and highly requested re-match between two of our most popular wrestlers… and this time there’s some bad blood between the 2.   See the match description below, and head over to the Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage 2 Match Page and pick up this amazing sexy thriller today!

Description:  This phenomenal rematch features some BAD BLOOD between these 2 muscle giants. Since their first match, Scarlett Savage slept with Gunz McLee’s boyfriend (several times) so obviously some taunting goes on during this match. Gunz, having been training in Jiu-Jitsu, now features an arsenal of painful submission holds that at times prove to be too much for Scarlett to handle. On the other hand… Gunz can’t keep up with Scarlett in the legs and glutes department… and that’s often the deciding factor on the big blue CW mats. This one is at times very spirited and competitive… and at other times, each girl uses their superior bodyparts in dominating fashion. Thrilling to say the least! The agonizing end sequence lasts over 5 minutes and ends in a REAL KO! Which girl wins and which one is the other’s BITCH and told to stay in her lane? Find out – get this SEXY matchup today!

Uh-oh – does Scarlett get choked unconscious? Or does Gunz fall victim to Scarlett’s massive legs and glutes? Get this thriller today!

Will Gunz go out cold? Or can she withstand the power of Scarlett’s legs and ass?

Tremendously HOT New Video Added – Gunz vs Scarlett!

Gunz struggles to breath under the crushing power of Scarlett’s quads!

NEW VIDEO ALERT!!! – Massive Gunz McLee vs Quad Queen Scarlett Savage!   This is a highly requested matchup, folks!   Read the description below, then head over to the “Gunz McLee vs. Scarlett Savage” Match Page and pick up this muscle-packed classic!

Description:  Here’s a matchup y’all been asking for for quite a while. One of our veteran HUGE wrestlers, Gunz McLee, vs one of our newer generation younger BIG girls, Scarlett Savage. Scarlett is becoming known as quite the “Quad Queen” around here, as the shape and size of her magnificent gams have tremendous destructive power that MUST be respected. Gunz McLee of course is known for her gigantic biceps, nearly 18″ in size, and she can use them with tremendous ease to squeeze the necks of her victims til they are out ice cold. At the time this was filmed, Gunz’s legs are actually looking bigger and leaner than ever before, and they can also put quite the squeeze on Scarlett. Both girls weigh about the same, but are shaped very differently. Scarlett is meatier and stout. Gunz has long limbs and that enormous upper body. One thing is for sure… this is going to be an action packed battle of sexy female muscle! Another CrushWrestling masterpiece of hot hardbodies engaged in fierce feminine muscle battle – this is a MUST GET!

Using her powerful arms and legs to immobilize big Gunz McLee – Scarlett is a force to reckon with!

Gunz uses her long legs for powerful leverage to increase CRUSH POWER! Get the HOT new video today!

HUGE Update at CrushWrestling Features Scarlett Savage & More!

One of our newest wrestlers – get Lacie vs. Scarlett today by clicking here!

HUGE update – 6 new videos added to the members area at CrushWrestling – JOIN today with a monthly subscription today!   

In today’s update, we’ve got Scarlett Savage featured in 4 of the 6 clips, plus the first 2 clips of the recently added new match of sexy Sara Steamroller vs. Ciara Salsa.   Then, find 2 more clips on the page of Sugar Buns vs. Scarlett Savage 2, as well as 2 new ones on the page of Scarlett Savage vs. Lacie Irons, the blonde bombshell. 

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6 NEW Clips added to the CrushWrestling Members Area – JOIN NOW!

The INCREDIBLE Booty Queen (one of the very few to earn a 10 on our crush rating) – get her next video for free – see instructions in this post!

BOOTY QUEEN – Get Her NEXT video FREE – plus today’s update!   It’s a great time to be a customer at CrushWrestling – exciting times!   We’ve got several awesome things to discuss.  First up… today’s update.  It’s a whopper – 6 new clips added.  Check out 2 new clips each on the pages of Anastasia Lard vs. Scarlett Savage 2, then the ultra sexy matchup of Ciara Salsa and Soul Jacker, and finally 2 new clips on the page of big Britney Squeeze vs. Ciara Salsa 2.  Enjoy this amazing members update and be sure to keep your subscription up to date!

Then, if you’re a fan of the already legendary, massively muscled BOOTY QUEEN, we’ve got 2 options for you to get her NEXT video for FREE!   First, you can purchase any 2 of our 4 most recently added videos (Layla vs. JVD, Anastasia vs. Scarlett 2, Yo vs. Gunz McLee, and Lacie vs. Scarlett) and get the next Booty Queen matchup for free (coming this Saturday).  The other option is, you can sign up for a 6-month subscription to the CW Members area, and then get the BQ vid for free on Saturday.   In both cases, after you make your qualifying purchases, then send us an email with the CCBill receipt and/or CW sales confirmation email, and we will take care of the rest.  Get ready folks, the big massive bruiser, Booty Queen returns on Saturday!

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Another HUGE bodybuilder like Booty Queen, check out Anastasia Lard in today’s update! Get Anastasia vs. Scarlett 2 today!

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Ultimate Muscle Battle Added – NEW VIDEO!

NEW VIDEO – Gunz McLee is BACK!!! Her 18″ Biceps are ready to do some damage on the mats! And in this one, she’s matched up against the gorgeous powerhouse of ripped female muscle, Yo Fine! Has Gunz put on enough size in the last few years to be ready for someone as powerful as Yo? Or will Yo be overwhelmed by Gunz McLee’s big size advantage, especially that massive upper body, built for rear-naked chokes! We know this much… this is the visual thriller of a lifetime. You’ll want to add Gunz McLee vs. Yo Fine to your collection today! See the clip description below for more info, and enjoy this visual masterpiece!

HOLY SMOKES, FOLKS! The MASSIVE 18″ biceps of Gunz McLee are back and she is ready to do some damage! If you are a fan of the ULTIMATE female muscle wrestlers, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. Not only is it the return of the HUGE and POWERFUL Gunz McLee, but she also squares off against super sexy muscular powerhouse, Yo Fine! Obviously, these 2 matching up makes for one hell of a visual masterpiece! From the get go, these 2 ladies are in awe of each others’ power. Yo can’t believe the size of Gunz’ biceps, chest, back, and delts. And she suffers in some brutal chokes with those huge biceps digging into her neck. But Gunz is terrified of getting caught between Yo’s powerful quads and those ultra-muscular glutes. It’s clear that both girls respect each others power and try to find ways to play defense and avoid each others’ strengths. There are lots of submissions… the scissor power, choking strength, and muscular power is too much for anyone to overcome! Who ends up winning this epic battle? Add this one to your cart RIGHT NOW – you won’t regret it – It’s a super hot video!

Yo Fine’s ultra-muscular glutes in action against HUGE biceps Goddess Gunz McLee. Get the new video, Gunz McLee vs. Yo Fine, today at CrushWrestling!

Outstanding NEW Members Section Videos Added at CrushWrestling!

Don’t let that pretty smile and gorgeous looks fool you – she’s a DEADLY crusher. JOIN NOW for more Sugar Buns!

4 Vids added to Members Area – New Video coming next!   Today’s update in the members section (sorry for the delay – we were traveling!), features 2 clips of the sensational matchup of Soul Jacker and Scarlett Savage, and 2 new clips of the ultra sexy muscle-butt battle of Sugar Buns vs. Scarlett Savage 2 – these are videos that you DON’T want to miss!   Our next update (we promise!) will be another brand new feature length video…. starring the ultra strong and massive, Mile High Masher!   Thank you for supporting Crushwrestling!

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