NEW WRESTLER – NEW VIDEO – Introducing Lacie Iron!

NEW WRESTLER Lacie Iron in NEW VIDEO against fan favorite and well muscled beauty, Scarlett Savage! Ladies and Gents… we are super thrilled about this new video, and new wrestler Lacie Iron. She may look good, but she is tough as nails, strong as fuck, and has no problem gettin’ nasty on the mats! Head to the Lacie Iron vs. Scarlett Savage Match Page now and get this thriller! See the clip description below!

NEW WRESTLER Lacie Iron – the new gorgeous blonde takes on powerful Scarlett Savage in an awesome, tense, powerful battle! The muscle girls have it all… biceps, quads, calves, glutes, delts, traps, and more…. and they love to talk a big game. Cocky newcomer Lacie is determined to put Scarlett in her place. There’s some shocking punishment dished out in this match, and even the short preview clip will reveal the epic struggle for supremacy. Will Scarlett make Lacie regret getting on the CW mats? Or will Lacie show the youngster who’s boss and dominate with her superior size and weight? Either way, this muscle battle of gorgeous combatants will be extremely entertaining for you CrushWrestling fans – get this HOT video NOW!

With Muscles like that, there’s no doubt that Lacie Iron is going to be a FORCE on the CW Mats for a long time to come!