The CrushWrestling C4S store has been updated with 2 new vids – click here for more!

Today, we put up a couple more videos in our CrushWrestling C4S Store, for customers who have accounts there. Now, you can find Cassie Cox vs. Pat Wroge 1, Blonde Thunder vs. Don, and the EPIC 2-on-1 DEMOLITION of Keisha, in Blonde Thunder and Miss Untamed vs. Keisha Jones! Check out our CrushWrestling C4S Store now!

HUGE update today! – Check out 6 new clips added to the members section – Guns McLee vs. Britney, The Specimen vs. Caddy Capri, and 205 lbs. Lexii vs. Tyler!

You guys are going to love all the new clips added today. 2 each on the pages of Guns McLee vs. Britney Squeeze, Cadillac Capri vs. The Specimen, and the 1 sided crush-a-thon of Lexii Leggz vs. her boyfriend Tyler. Be sure to JOIN the CW Members Section today for access to ALL of our hot videos!

HUGE SIZE MISMATCH – New video now available – 205 lb. Lexii vs. Brooklyn Lee!

Check it out, folks! Our newest video is now available. In the BIGGEST mismatch since Marissa vs. Keisha, we’ve got the ultra heavyweight at 205 lbs, Lexii Legz, vs. sexy dance and yoga instructor, Brooklyn Lee. Just read the description on the Lexii vs. Brooklyn match page and add this HOT video to your collection today! And remember – take advantage of our Buy 2 GET 1 FREE promotion from Oct 1-15th! Have a great CRUSH weekend

4 killer new clips added to the CW members section featuring Holly Hams, Sapphire Simms, & Guns McLee!

In today’s update, you’ll find new clips on the pages of Sapphire Simms vs. Holly Hams, and then the brutal 1-sided mixed domination match of Guns McLee vs. Jonathon Von Dickenson. Also, check out another video added on our CrushWrestling C4S Store…. get Cassie Cox vs. Pat Wroge 1, today!

Our C4S store has been updated with the Blonde Thunder vs. Don Video

Our c4s store has finally been updated with the feature-length video of Blonde Thunder vs. Don. Check out all the other titles at the CrushWrestling C4S Store today!

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