Another Amazing 6 video update in the CW Members Section!

She flexes over him in humiliating fashion – she knows she has him overpowered and she loves it. Get this hot new video today!

Another BIG 6 Video Update in the CW Members area – JOIN our members area today and don’t miss any of the incredible action!  First up, on the recently added page of SUPER SEXY mixed wrestling of Layla Mikayla vs. John Von Dick, you’ll find 2 new clips to kick off that video.    Then, for some intense F/F action, you’ll love the 2 new clips on the page of Yo Fine vs. GI Jane Dough.  Then, for some feisty and super sexy action of HOT hardbodies, you’ll love the incredible 2 new clips added to the page of Yo Fine vs. Ciara Salsa!  

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Sexy muscle girl, Yo Fine, suffering between the powerful pillars of NEW WRESTLER GI Jane Dough! Get the HOT video today!

4 AWESOME Vids added to the Members Area of CrushWrestling!

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4 NEW Clips added in our Members Area featuring Yo Fine, Ciara Salsa and more!  First up, 2 on the page of Yo Fine vs. GI Jane Dough – a thrilling muscle battle of 2 very tough girls!  Then, 2 more added on the sexy glute matchup of Ciara Salsa vs. Scarlett Savage – you definitely don’t wanna miss those reverse headscissors, folks!  Wow!  

Thank you for JOINING CrushWrestling!   And also, thank you for the TREMENDOUS feedback we’ve been receiving about new wrestler “Booty Queen” – we’ve got lots more of her on the way!

Pink was immobilized many times under the CRUSHING WEIGHT of the much larger Booty Queen! Get this HOT new video today!

Big CW Update with 5 New Videos Added to the Members Section!

BRUTAL muscular legs and ass! Sara crushing Mile High Masher – get the recently added super sexy video today!

Members area update with FIVE NEW clips added!   Today’s update is an impressive one, folks – get ready for some hot sexy thonged muscle wrestling action!   First up, 2 new vids on the recently added match page of the Mile High Masher vs. Sara Steamroller.   Then, head over to the match page of Scarlett Savage vs. Lacey Longlegs for a new video.  Then, finally, 2 more sexy vids of the ultra powerful Yo Fine vs. Scarlett Savage, in a heated battle!  These are videos of super sexy wrestling action – so be sure to JOIN our MEMBERS SECTION today! 

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CrushWrestling Welcomes GI Jane Dough in a NEW Video vs. Yo Fine!

Sexy muscle girl, Yo Fine, suffering between the powerful pillars of NEW WRESTLER GI Jane Dough! Get the new video today!

NEW WRESTLER, NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Super Muscular Yo Fine is back to take on NEWCOMER, GI Jane Dough, and former military combat specialist!   This one is definitely a thrilling matchup, folks, and one that you’ll no doubt want to add to your amazing CW Collection.   See the sample previews on the new Yo Fine vs. GI Jane Dough Match Page, and see the video description below!   Thank you for supporting CrushWrestling!

Description:  NEW WRESTLER GI Jane Dough takes on the ultra-muscular Yo Fine in an epic battle of muscle! Having gotten her hand to hand combat training in the military, Jane is one tough cookie, and Yo definitely has her work cut out for her. Yo, despite being far more muscular, gives up a lot of size and weight to the bigger Jane. This match generates tons of PAIN for both competitors. If you love watching two sexy females pushed to the limit, check this video out! Who do you think is gonna take this one? The bigger and heavier powerful Jane? Or the lean and ultra-muscled YO? Quads gone crazy – get this one today in 1080p FULL HD!

Well muscled, Yo Fine, gets a pin on the much larger GI Jane. Who’s gonna win this one? Click here to get this amazing NEW VIDEO today!

CrushWrestling Presents New Wrestler Yo Fine, NEW VIDEO vs. Britney Squeeze!

Her most painful submission! Due to her super powerful legs and glutes, you don’t wanna get caught in this reverse headscissor by new wrestler, Yo Fine!

NEW WRESTLER & NEW VIDEO!  Ultra-muscular Yo Fine is our newest wrestler.  Check out her brand new video against the powerful 10 year veteran, Britney Squeeze, and see that you’re in for one hell of a treat!  Head over to the Yo Fine vs. Britney Squeeze Match Page and get this sizzler today!  See the match description below, and then check out the free preview on the match page, and then purchase and enjoy this instant classic!

Description:  The DEBUT of NEW WRESTLER Yo Fine! One of the more rock hard muscular ladies we’ve had in a long time, Yo is determined to become a dominant force at CrushWrestling. However… standing in her way, is 10 year CrushWrestling veteran, the powerful Britney Squeeze! Britney comments at times during this video, how impressive Yo’s abs, vascularity, and powerful muscles look. Even though Britney outweighs Yo and has a significant height advantage, Yo possesses power of an all-new level. Her huge muscles look like they are about to explode as she battles Britney on the familiar blue mats of CW. By far, her most devastating hold is her killer reverse headscissors… engaging those rock hard thighs, hamstrings and glutes, to bring painful tapouts from Britney. However, Britney is also known for having some of the most powerful scissors around… and at times, Yo is completely overwhelmed by Britney’s sheer size and strength. Just check out the preview… you’ll see… this one is one you don’t want to miss… 2 of the hottest muscle women on earth getting aggressive and intense on the mats – get it today!

Click here to check out the page for new wrestler, Yo Fine! Get her new video vs. Britney today!