Yo Fine vs Lana Lizard

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Wrestlers: Yo Fine
Lana Lizard
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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Everybody's favorite muscle blonde, Yo Fine, is finally back again in some HOT mat action! It's been a while since Yo's last 1-on-1 match, so it's time that she got her time to shine again. This time, she takes on newcomer Lana Lizard, the leggy dancer and figure competitor known for the scissor power in her long legs! The "lizard" is also known for her quickness and her ability to slither out of holds and escape, something that Yo is also known for. However, Lana has NEVER squared off against someone with the tremendous muscle power of the likes of Yo. As many previous CW opponents will attest, Yo is almost impossible to move on the mats. She's so thick and dense with muscle, that her opponents underestimate how much strength it will take to make her move on the mats. And fighting off her attacks is nearly impossible. If you love biceps, boulder shoulders, massively thick chest and back, and killer quads... Yo is your girl! If you like the taller "boa constrictor-like" crushers, you'll appreciate Lana! Another visual treat of 2 gorgeous ladies of power getting animal on the mats - get it today!

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  • Date Added: 6/05/2023

    Yo gets the early submission in this one!

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 6/05/2023

    Lana's long legs put the pressure on Yo

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 9/19/2023

    Yo pours on relentless pressure as Lana realizes she's in trouble!

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 9/19/2023

    Lana comes back BIG TIME with amazing power!

    High Def WMV