Tatiana Tank vs Gunz McLee

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Wrestlers: Tatiana Tank
Guns McLee
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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The CW Debut of MASSIVE Female Bodybuilder Tatiana the Tank! This huge, powerful densely muscled sexy blonde is quite literally a mountain of muscle that will be a struggle for ANYONE to deal with on the mats. So thick and mighty, she simply cannot be moved on the mats by the average wrestler. And her gigantic muscles can squash most men and women like a grape! Scissor power simply off the charts and among the best we've ever had on the site. And her enormous biceps can squeeze just as hard as her legs! For her first match, we put her up against long-time CW veteran and jiu-jitsu specialist, Gunz McLee. Gunz may be one of the very few girls on the roster that can survive against this mass muscle monster! In fact, Gunz's Jiu-Jitsu skills may be too much for the muscular rookie to overcome! That's what makes this one so exciting. Beyond the obvious visual masterpiece of muscle, this one is a very intriguing matchup of simply overwhelming power, vs skills and biceps! Obviously this goes without saying.... Add this to your cart immediately!

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  • Date Added: 7/22/2022

    INTENSE action as these 2 mass monsters get down to action! (2:14)

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 7/22/2022

    Gunz uses some jiu-jitsu skills to be competitive against huge Tatiana!

    High Def WMV