Gunz McLee vs Holly Hawkeye

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Wrestlers: Guns McLee
Holly Hawkeye
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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A jaw-dropping battle of Biceps vs Quads and Glutes! Who's gonna win this one, folks? The upper body muscle Goddess, Gunz McLee? Or the tank-sized crushing machine known as Holly Hawkeye, with her world class quads and booty. Gunz uses some painful jiu-jitsu submissions on her shorter, but thicker, opponent at times, causing for quick taps or night night land. Conversely, Holly uses her gigantic meat-grinders to continually schmush away at Gunz's innards, weakening her throughout the match. There's only so much compression her waist and head can take. And believe me... when you get Holly's legs wrapped around you, you're getting COMPRESSED! Visually, this is as hot a match-up as you'll find... especially for muscle lovers. People who love biceps, quads and glutes, this video is for you! Find out who wins this thriller by ordering Gunz vs Holly Hawkeye today!

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  • Date Added: 4/10/2021

    This match gets started with those big bodies clashing! (2:25)

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 4/10/2021

    Holly gets her enormous crushers around Gunz' head! OUCH! (1:42)

    High Def WMV