Gunz McLee vs Scarlett Savage

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Wrestlers: Guns McLee
Scarlett Savage
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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Here's a matchup y'all been asking for for quite a while. One of our veteran HUGE wrestlers, Gunz McLee, vs one of our newer generation younger BIG girls, Scarlett Savage. Scarlett is becoming known as quite the "Quad Queen" around here, as the shape and size of her magnificent gams have tremendous destructive power that MUST be respected. Gunz McLee of course is known for her gigantic biceps, nearly 18" in size, and she can use them with tremendous ease to squeeze the necks of her victims til they are out ice cold. At the time this was filmed, Gunz's legs are actually looking bigger and leaner than ever before, and they can also put quite the squeeze on Scarlett. Both girls weigh about the same, but are shaped very differently. Scarlett is meatier and stout. Gunz has long limbs and that enormous upper body. One thing is for sure... this is going to be an action packed battle of sexy female muscle! Another CrushWrestling masterpiece of hot hardbodies engaged in fierce feminine muscle battle - this is a MUST GET!

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  • Date Added: 6/29/2020

    This match kicks off with Scarlett's legs showing the early advantage (1:47)

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 6/29/2020

    Gunz puts her big biceps to use with this brutal choke (2:16)

    High Def WMV