Jacked Jackie vs Yo Fine

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Wrestlers: Jacked Jackie
Yo Fine
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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SEXY POWER MATCH-UP! Holy smokes, folks! This one is crazy hot! First up, Jacked Jackie is back and she loves to beat some ass on the mats. She's big, strong, and most of all, quick and feisty on the mats. She also has a very high pain tolerance, which makes her spectacularly impressive on the mats. However, her opponent, Yo Fine, is the most in-shape, lean and mean, muscular competitor on the CW mats. Yo is also smaller and quicker, so she provides an intense match-up for the bigger Jackie. Both girls are aware of the immense damage that their opponents large muscles can inflict, and they do their best to find each other's weaknesses. Yo tries to wear down bigger brute, Jackie. While Jackie tries to out-muscle Yo with her bigger frame and weight. Best of all - they are both sexy as hell! Get this incredible new video today, fellas!

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  • Date Added: 12/09/2019

    This match starts off with killer intensity! (1:33)

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 12/09/2019

    These girls better settle down before someone REALLY gets hurt! (1:20)

    High Def WMV