Pink Poison vs. Jack Scissor Challenge

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    Wrestlers: Pink Poison
    Match Type: Mixed
    Scissor Challenges

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    Pink Poison knows how to inflict PAIN! Lots of it! Right after she got done kicking his ass, she decided to further practice her scissor holds on him and just wanted to fuck with him. She challenged to see how much he can take. She warns him, that it will all be full power, but he says he's ready for it. Well, when she engages at full power, the taps come early and often, and she shows no mercy! Pushing him past his limits, he's trembling in fear and crying out for mercy as she brutally punishes him. The frantic speed of his taps shows how truly powerful her legs are!

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    • Date Added: 4/08/2014

      The scissor challenge begins, and very quickly, Jack wants out! (1:44)

      High Def WMV
    • Date Added: 4/08/2014

      Pink's calves and quads totally destroy Jack! (1:33)

      High Def WMV
    • Date Added: 5/24/2014

      Pink executes a torturous neck scissor on wimpy Jack

      High Def WMV
    • Date Added: 5/24/2014

      Pink Poison has one of the most rock hard asses on the planet. And when it comes to scissors, that equals PAIN!

      High Def WMV
    • Date Added: 5/24/2014

      In a terrifying finishing move, Pink nearly kills this joker!

      High Def WMV