MEGA POWERS on the Mat – Hot New Action at CrushWrestling!

NEW WRESTLER Holly Hawkeye can barely get her massive legs around her victims. When she does – OUCH!!!

BIG Members Area Update!  6 Clips added featuring many of your favorite CW wrestlers and sexy hardbodied newcomers! 

In today’s CW members area update, we added 6 mega-hot clips with some of the best and biggest muscle around.   First up, see the first 2 clips added on the page of Jacked Jackie vs. Ciara Salsa.   Then, in a battle of 2 hardbodied newcomers, see 2 new clips on the page of Holly Hawkeye vs. Ava Slaughterhouse.   Then finally, see one of the newest wrestlers, Jacked Jackie, take on powerful CW veteran Britney on the page of Jacked Jackie vs. Britney Squeeze.   

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Jackie has the advantage in the “Jacked” department! Will Sassy Ciara Salsa have enough grit to beat big Jackie?

HUGE Update with 6 New Videos Added to the CW Members Area!

Tremendous action as Pink Poison crushes Scarlett Savage during the 3-way tag match – 2020!

Tremendous update in the Members Area!  6 New Clips added featuring some of your favorite CW Wrestlers!   First up, if you’re a fan of fabulous female booty – you’ll love the first 2 clips added on the page of the 2020 3-Way tag Match, featuring the Glute Goddesses, Pink Poison, Scarlett Savage, & Booty Queen!   Fabulous muscular legs and glutes in action!   Then, see 2 more clips added on the page of Pink Poison vs. Gunz McLee, in a battle of Booty vs. Biceps!   Then finally, for more sexy MIXED wrestling action, see 2 more clips added on the page of Britney Squeeze vs. John Von Dick 1, page.   

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Super strong muscular ASS! Britney has all the muscles to make JVD suffer!

3 HOT & Sexy Video Clips added at CrushWrestling!

Is Britney’s size and power too much for Ciara? Is Ciara overwhelmed? Click here to get this HOT video today!

Members Area update with 3 NEW Sexy Clips added!  Booty Queen, Pink Poison, Ciara Salsa, & Britney Squeeze featured in today’s clips!   First up, we’ve added a nice power-packed clip on the page of Booty Queen vs Pink Poison, as Pink powers up a big time scissor!    Then, if you want to see some F/F domination…. check out how the much larger Britney overpowers and uses her massively muscular legs to squash Ciara, on the Ciara vs. Britney 2 page.   

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Awesome update featuring TOP CrushWrestling Girls!

Her most painful submission! Due to her super powerful legs and glutes, you don’t wanna get caught in this reverse headscissor by new wrestler, Yo Fine!

HUGE 6 video update!  New clips of Yo Fine, Mile High Masher, Britney, Ciara Salsa and more!   If you love some Fabulous female muscle wrestling, you’re gonna love today’s update.  First up, the first 2 videos added to the recently added super sexy match page of Yo Fine vs. Britney Squeeze!    Then, for fans of our BIGGEST and most dominant rassler, Mile High Masher, you’ll love the 2 clips added on the page of MHM vs. Ciara Salsa, and the complete DOMINATION match of MHM vs. H-Woww

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Super Sexy Muscle Battles – New Videos Added to the CW Members Section!

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POWERFUL SCISSORS – Extremely hot vids added to the CrushWrestling members area – see 2 new clips on the page of Mile High Masher vs. Scarlette Savage, plus, the final 2 clips on the page for Sugar Buns vs. Britney Squeeze.   These are amazing hot videos that will absolutely blow your mind.  Get your CrushWrestling membership today!

Ca-RUNCH! Gut crushing scissors by Mile High – get this hot video now by clicking here!