New Wrestler Tatiana Tank is Back with ANOTHER New Vid!

Tatiana going for an Americana on Scarlett – she’s gonna rip that arm right off! Get the hot new video today!

NEW VIDEO ALERT – New Wrestler Tatiana Tank is back with another NEW video, this time against equally RIPPED and Shredded muscle girl, Scarlett Savage!   Both girls are in between bodybuilding shows and they are built for battle!   See the clip description below and get the new video today on the new match page for Tatiana Tank vs Scarlett Savage!!!   And thank you for the great feedback we’ve been receiving on recent videos!  Yes, we have the best muscle talent in the world and we are proud of it!  Hot female muscle wrestlers at their finest, and it only continues to get better!

Description:  SHREDDED, CONTEST SHAPE female muscle doing battle on the legendary CW mats! This time, massive female bodybuilding and CW newcomer, Tatiana “the Tank”, takes on CW veteran and ultra-leggy/glutey Scarlett Savage! That’s right… the sassy midwestern glute goddess Scarlett wanted to jump right in and face Tatiana, after she saw her first match against Gunz McLee. Tatiana agreed to the match and with her extremely cocky attitude, decided it was a great opportunity to put the mouthy veteran in her place. Tatiana definitely has the size advantage (as she would against almost anyone!), but as you’ve seen in over 30 matches now, Scarlett may be one of the scrappiest and skilled crushers on the mats! And now, Scarlett, too, is at her biggest and best, being in contest shape with absolutely mind-blowing leg and glute muscles! This one is visually thrilling from beginning to end, as these are two of the hottest bodies to ever hit the mats – Get it today!

Scarlett gets completely engulfed by Tatiana’s huge mashers! Get the hot new release today from CrushWrestling!

Even though she’s generally smaller than Tatiana, Scarlett has always had HUGE quads and glutes and has as good a squeeze as anybody! See her fight back against the huge Euro FBB today and get the super hot new CW video!

Mile High Masher is back to CRUSH Again!

Ciara finally gets on top for a painful crush on MHM. Click here to go to the MHM vs. Ciara Match Page and get this hot new video today!

NEW VIDEO – Mile High Masher’s MEGA POWER Destructive Scissors face off against ripped little physique girl, Ciara Salsa!  This one is a MUST GET (just like any of Masher’s vids!)…. see new video description below, and visit the new Mile High Masher vs. Ciara Salsa Match Page and pick this one up today!

Description:  The MASHER is back and better than ever! Ripped muscle goddess Ciara has bit off more than she can chew, and is simply overwhelmed and mesmerized by MHM’s tremendous power. Ciara’s frustration shows at times throughout this video, as she simply has no answer to the massive Masher’s superior strength and size. MHM trash talks and brags to the camera as she toys with the smaller but feisty Ciara… who looks great in that tiny hot thong! You gotta give her credit… she gets a couple of submissions, but for the most part, endures a hell of a beating by the Masher. The funny thing is… Ciara is very muscular and has a hell of a body… rock hard and with very strong legs. But… when against the Masher… does ANYONE stand a chance? Get this video now if you’re a fan of the gigantic muscle beast, or if you enjoy seeing a gorgeous ripped girl struggle mightily against an even bigger foe. This is definitely a hot one, folks!

At a tremendous size disadvantage, poor Ciara is getting twisted like a pretzel by her much larger and more powerful foe. Get this SEXY hot muscle domination video today – click here!