Combat Cammie vs Yo Fine

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Wrestlers: Combat Cammie
Yo Fine
Match Type: Competitive

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The ULTIMATE RIPPED MUSCLE GIRL BATTLE! 2 girls in "contest shape" ripped shape, you can't ask for a better visually pleasing matchup than this! This is absolutely insane female muscle power! The 2 girls are none other than CW Veteran, Yo Fine (typically our most muscular and leanest wrestler), and the recently added NEW wrestler, and Canadian Combat Veteran, Combat Cammie! Cammie has recently wowed CW fans with her debut match against Scarlett Savage... her lean, long, ultra-muscled legs were an instant hit with CW fans. And Yo, of course, is a HUGE fan favorite, particularly among the muscle fans, for the last 4 years. This match is ULTRA_intense from the beginning. Both girls exerting tremendous effort and power. Watch Cammie's face when she applies some of her painful scissor holds. She's giving Yo EVERYTHING she's got. You can even see that in some of the preview clip. Yo, of course has that densely packed core, with ripped rock hard abdominals, and she's built to tolerate pain better than almost any other wrestler. Cammie and Yo go at it for nearly a full 25 minutes and it's quite a sight to see. These 2 rock hard muscle bodies please from every angle, and their feared scissor holds are now legendary. If you're a fan of female wrestling or female muscle, or BOTH, this is a MUST GET - add it to your shopping cart today!

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  • Date Added: 3/29/2022

    Yo gets off to the early advantage in this one, despite giving up weight and leg power to Cammie

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 3/29/2022

    Cammie's massive meat-grinders start to make their impression on Yo's midsection! (2:40)

    High Def WMV