Boom Boom Sanchez vs John Von Dick

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Wrestlers: Boom Boom Sanchez
Match Type: Mixed

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NEW WRESTLER Boom Boom Sanchez is PISSED OFF at idiot Judge Von Dick. Having recently competed in a figure show, Boom Boom was furious at her last place finish. Previous to the show, she allowed John to spend some nice quiet time with her, with the understanding that he would place her high in the contest. Well, he didn't come through with his end of the deal, as he claims the other judges forced him to place her at the bottom. Boom Boom isn't buying the excuses. She decides to make him pay... in the most painful ways possible! Using her hard muscular body to deliver some sexy forms of punishment, Boom Boom squeezes and crushes JVD til he nearly passes out repeatedly from her extreme power. Her meaty quads, veiny biceps, and powerful glutes make sure that he'll never forget the mistake he made! Get this HOT ONE today, folks!

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