Sugar Buns vs. H-Woww

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Wrestlers: Sugar Buns
H Woww
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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MUSCLE BUTT BOMBSHELL Sugar Buns is back in an exciting and sexy matchup against Jerzey Girl, H-Woww! If you're a fan of rock hard muscular women, especially in contest shape, then this video is for you! Sugar Buns is in ripped contest shape, making her powerful buns and quads look even better! H-Woww, known for her massive upper body (especially delts, but also biceps), is no slouch in the strength department. However, coming off the total ass-whoopin she took from Mile High Masher, does she have any energy left in the tank to take on Sugar's fabulous booty and it's lethal squeeze power? At times, H-Woww ends up staring up at Sugar's powerful muscles, envious of their ripped superiority. And then, Sugar applies those tight reverse scissors and H-Woww grunts in excruciating pain. But, she's a tough Jerzy girl... can she hang? Get this super hot video today and find out!

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  • Date Added: 1/29/2018

    Sugar is off to a great start as she gets a tight squeeze on H-Woww (2:04)

    High Def WMV
  • Date Added: 1/29/2018

    Sugar gets a hand choke on H-Woww, but then Woww strikes back with a powerful bodyscissor (2:13)

    High Def WMV