Cadillac Capri vs. Britney Squeeze 2

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Wrestlers: Cadillac Capri
Britney Squeeze
Match Type: Fem vs. Fem

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The first match between these two was a tough one for Britney's ego. She's a big muscular girl and doesn't like to lose. But Cadillac was just too much. Too much size, too much muscle and strength. Britney was outclassed. However.... it's been more than 3 months... and Britney has been training her ass off. And not just working on her muscle size and strength, but specifically, getting some wrestling and jiu-jitsu training. Needless to say, this time, we have one hell of a battle on our hands here! Two of CrushWrestling's biggest warriors on the mats. Leg scissor power to the extreme, and 2 girls that just don't quit! Definitely a hot video to add to your CW Collection - get it today!

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