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3 Awesome Clips added to the CW Members Section!

Fans of POWERFUL Cadillac Capri and the huge leg muscles of Britney Squeeze, will love today’s 3 video clip update in the CW members area.  First, check out the final clip of the match featuring the battle of the BIG girls…. Cadillac Capri vs. Lexii Leggz.  The loser of this match certainly hurts for a […]

NEW Wrestler & NEW VIDEO added! Say hello to H-Woww!

NEW WRESTLER – NEW VIDEO ALERT!  Say Hello to Jersey Girl, H-Woww!   If you like sexy raven-haired muscle girls with big biceps and delts, you’ll enjoy seeing new wrestler H-Woww on the mats.  She will no doubt be a strong wrestler for years to come at CrushWrestling.  Unfortunately for her, we matched her up against […]

4 Sexy Muscle Battle Clips added!

Members area update with 4 CRUSHING New clips of female power!  First, check out 2 new videos on the page of Elle Gi vs. Foxy Furiosa – two massive muscle girls doing battle!  Then, for the ultimate in F/F muscle domination…. see Mile High Masher vs. Sugar Buns! Plus, we just filmed 6 more AMAZING […]

Super Sexy 5 Video update featuring big CW Stars!

BIG 5 Video members area update!  New Clips starring CrushWrestling Superstars like Guns McLee, Britney Squeeze, Holly Hams, & Foxy Furiosa!   First up, the final 3 videos of the unreal matchup of Biceps vs. Legs…. Guns McLee vs. Britney Squeeze!   Then, for fans of “Big vs. Small” (small but SUPER STRONG and powerful!), you’ll love […]